Effects of Poultry Manure on the Growth and Yield of Basil Plant (Ocimun gratissimum) in a Tropical Utilsol Soil

O. A. Agba

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Geometric, Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Fruit-rachilla of the Macauba Palm (Acrocomia aculeata) Considering Different Sampling Sites in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil

Jéssica Pontes Rangel, Daniel Marçal de Queiroz, Francisco de Assis de Carvalho Pinto, Fábio Lúcio Santos, Domingos Sárvio Magalhães Valente

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The Ecophysiological Needs of Plums and Their Impact on Ecological Production of Plum in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ahmed Salkić, Besim Salkić, Azra Dorić, Ensar Salkić, Emir Imširović

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Genetic Variability and Character Association for Oil Yield and Its Components in Physic Nut (Jatropha curcas L.)

A. C. Odiyi, E. F. Alegbeleye

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Herbicide Formulation, Spray Nozzle Design, and Operating Pressure Affects the Droplet Size Spectra of Agricultural Sprays

Joshua A. McGinty, Gaylon D. Morgan, Peter A. Dotray, Paul A. Baumann

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